We started our family kite sale business in the 2010 with the aim of supplying the best quality children's kites for sale at the best prices. 

In  2016 we created a new online shop  kites4fun.co.uk .

We also  created a new wholesale website to supply traders.

We began working with Alfakite in 2013. We now have kites manufactured directly for the UK kite market at a competitive wholesale price.

We operate as a Christian business putting God central in our decision  making and holding ourselves accountable to Christ in the way we live.   

We  have had the privilege as a family to attend  Danbury Mission Church ( a bible centred church ) for the past 30 years and would recommend it to anyone seeking a solid bible based church with great teaching and a loving family.

Our pricing is transparent (there are no hidden costs) and our postage and packaging costs are fair and competitive.

Our Kite  Business is based in :




United Kingdom

email .       mail@kites4kids.co.uk    

Emailed are checked and replied to daily.


Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will my kite order take to come ?

If you have ordered  kites from our kites in stock please allow 3 - 5 working days for your kites  to arrive .Do not hesitate to contact us if your kite hasn't arrived within 5 working days 

If you  have ordered kites to be made on your behalf the estimated time of delivery will be made clear at the time of order. Please contact us if you have any further questions or want to track your order.

I need to receive my kite quicker ?

You can have your kites sent by  EXPRESS delivery  . This is available as a extra option .

Your kites can be then delivered within 2 working  days  ( Sat & Sun excluded )  

Please request this option at check out or contact us if you are requiring a fast delivery service. 

 Can i order more kites than you show in stock ?

Yes . Please drop us an email if you require more kites than we have in stock and we will agree with you minimum order sizes required by our manufacturers. 


Our Kite Manufactures contact details :


Weifang Hengda Kite Manufacture Co, Ltd.


Operational Address :

No. 46, Xuanwu Street, Economic Development Zone, Weifang, Shandong, China (Mainland)

Telephone Number  : 86-536-8659106

 Email Address :  cnkite@cnkite.com        



Postage Costs :Standard postage £2.95 Fast 2 Day Delivery  £12.95

As kite lovers and kite flyers ourselves, we take great pleasure in offering some of the best products to the UK kite market. From small kites that make great stocking fillers, through to bulk buy kites, ideal for school graduations and parties, all the way up to specialist kites for the kite aficionado, we've got the best range and best prices in every kind of kite. 

Because we want to spread our love of kites as widely as possible, we work hard to keep our postage costs as low as we can. That's why we offer simple one-off postage for a single kite and attractive rates for bulk-buy kites.

Children's kites, specialist kites or bulk buy kites - we've got them all

The classic diamond kites are just the beginning of this fascinating hobby. From foil kites to kites for schools, we scour the market looking for the best kites at the best prices. We've supplied bulk buy kites for school sports days as well as kite packs for windy weddings … what wonderful wedding photos that  couple must have had! Whether we're helping you find the ideal gift for a child or assisting a kite flyer to upgrade their professional kite-flying kit to the next level, we just live and breathe kites!

Our online kite shop offers everything you might require, but if you need help to decide which kite is rightful you, just contact us and we'll be delighted to help you make the perfect choice

Flying your Children's Kites Safely

Once you have chosen a suitable children's kite you and your children will have lots of fun 'flying' together. Remember to take into consideration your child's age as different kites are recommended for different age groups. A great way to start with small children is the mini kites range. My 3 kids loved them and had hours of fun and, what's more - they won't break the bank!  Kites

Just a few tips to help you fly your children's kites safely:

Never allow children to fly a kite without adult supervision and assistance.  There are a number of dangers to take into consideration. Strong winds can make a kite hard to control. Children can become tangled in the strings . Children can forget the dangers around them when running to get a kite airborne.

Always fly in a large open area free from trees and power lines.  Power lines can pose a huge risk and even result in fatality. If a kite does become dangerously close to a power line do not make any attempt to retrieve the kite but call for professional assistance.

Ensure that you and your children are a safe distance from roads . A stray kite could cause a serious road accident if it strays out of your control and into the path of a vehicle.

It's a good idea to protect your children's and your own skin from scrapes, cuts, and burns caused by kites and kite lines. Long sleeves and trousers are recommended, and gloves are essential. Strong winds can cause kites to pull dramatically, causing deep cuts to unprotected hands. This can ruin your children's kites experience .

Keep a close eye on the weather and avoid flying your kite in stormy conditions. NEVER fly a kite when their is a danger of lighting or thunder.

Keep an eye out for animals as they can be easily frightened by kites. Exercise caution when flying in the vicinity of animals, especially horses. When spooked, horses have a tendency to bolt, putting their riders and those in their path at risk.

Running with kites is part of the fun so pick a flat grassy area and avoid steep slopes, rocky areas or uneven ground as trips and falls can cause a serious injury and can ruin a good days kite flying for you and your kids.  

As long as you use a little common sense and avoid unnecessary risks, kite flying for you and your children will be good safe fun. 

Problems Flying your kids kite

Assembling your Kite

Ensure that you have assembled your children's kite following the kite makers instructions. Look for loops for kite rods to go through on the sides of the kite.

If a kite is assembled incorrectly it can affect both its balance , angle and its ability to catch the wind effectively . It's a good idea to have a go at assembling your kite for a trial run at home so that you are more confident in what you are doing when trying to assemble in windy conditions.

Check the wind conditions

All children's kites have a recommended wind speeds for flying. Easier kites should fly in lighter winds. Larger kites as a rule may need a stronger wind to fly. Very Strong winds and insufficient winds can both create problems equal problems getting your kite in the air when learning to fly. You can gauge the strength of the wind by either purchasing a wind sock or just by watching the tops of the trees for movement. Remember that the wind can often be stronger the higher it is . If the tops of the trees are moving but the wind on the ground is slow follow the advice for light winds .

An open clear space is crucial for flying your children's kite both for getting your kite airborne and your own and your child's safety. Trees and buildings to near to where you are flying will be both a significant hazard for flying and may create a bumpy wind making it difficult to fly.

Watch out for kite eating trees !! 

Never fly in stormy weather especially in either rain or where there is a risk of lightening.

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 Tips for flying Single Line Kids Kites:

Stand with your back to the wind. Hold your kite up by the bridle point and let the line out. If there is sufficient wind, your kite will go right up. Let the kite fly away from you a little, then pull in on the line as the kite points up so it will climb. Repeat this until your kite gains the altitude necessary to find a good steady wind.

Light Wind? Have a helper take the kite downwind and hold it up. On command, the helper releases your kids kite and the flier pulls the line hand-over-hand while the kite gains altitude. Practice this high-launch technique.

No Helper? This is a bit trickier but you can still get it in flight by propping the kite up against a bush, post, or wall. Reel out enough line for altitude and simply pull the kite aloft. If the kite sinks tail first, there might not be enough wind. If it comes down head first or spins, there might be too much wind. Different kites fly in different winds.

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Tips for flying Sports and Stunt kids kites:

The Safest Start: Lay out your stunt kite and lines completely before you launch. Check all connectors, untangle and straighten lines and tails. Check the Bridles: Be sure they are adjusted correctly for the present conditions. Also make sure that they are balanced in the same position on the right and left sides of the kite. Enough line? Use at least 60' - 100' - so you have enough time to react. Be sure your flying lines are even. If one line is shorter, your kite will think you are pulling on that line and spin in that direction. To Launch: Step backwards and pull both handles to your side. Be sure to check behind you for obstructions or hazards before backing up. Control: Pull the left line to make the stunt kite turn left. Pull the right line to turn right. Hold them even to fly straight. Try not to over-control. Learn to "fly loops" instead of just spinning tight circles. Lift and Speed: The more to the side of the wind the stunt kite flies, the less lift and speed it has. While learning to fly, keep the stunt kite downwind. As you get better, explore the more subtle levels of performance. Safety: Always stay away from spectators or passers-by. You are responsible for the safe operation of your stunt kite. Sport Kites should never be flown in crowded areas Darting may also be due to a lack of tail in the tailed kites or to a lack of bow in the bow kites. The necessary corrections are easily made. If the darting takes the form of rather large circles, causing the kite to gradually lose altitude, tighten the lower loop of the bridle a little without lowering the towing point. That is, equalize the pull on the upper and lower part of the bridle. Tailed kites usually ride at about 45 degrees from the vertical, the tail flowing away at a greater angle. Bow and box kites should lie flatter when flying.

Bridle Point Positions

Check that when you kite is assembled that the bridal point is showing the same as the assembly guidance suggests or by checking the assembly pictures. If your kite has an adjustable bridle you can move it higher (nearer the top) in higher winds, and lower (towards the tail) in lower winds. (Adjust no more than 1/2" at a time).

Kite Tails

Home made kites can be made more stable when flying by adding a kite tail or longer kite tail. Adding tails to your kite helps it remain stable in stronger winds. Use light-weight materials so you can use lots and they can look stunning when flying. This can be a great fun way to encourage your children's kite making skills. It is a simple way for your children to get involved in designing or adapting their kites with some stunning affects .

Hope you find this advise page helpful and remember to have great safe fun flying with your kids kites. 

Spares and Repairs for your Children's Kites

Fibreglass spars are the most frequent parts of a kite that get broken or lost. These are replaceable for all the children's kites shown on our website .

If you do suffer a broken or lost spar please email us and we will let you know the replacement costs. Once your replacement parts are confirmed we will arrange for the manufacturers to send you the spare parts direct

They range from £1.00 - £3.00 depending on the size of your kids kite ( excluding post and packaging )

Broken and tangled lines are also replaceable , prices start from £4.00 for a new handle and line ( excluding post and packaging ).

Spinnaker repair tape and Edging tape can be purchased to make minor repairs where necessary.

The best advice is not to fly near trees .

I wish I had taken this advice the last time I had to pull a kite out from a tree which had completely got stuck . My children thought that this was hilarious. Especially after all my advice it was me who got the kite stuck. We well and truly got the line in knots which took ages to untangle and were left crawling on our hands and knees under the tree trying to find a fibreglass spar which had sprung out with the final tug to get the kite down out of the tree.

But i suppose that's all part of the fun!

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